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Hello Everyone

My name is Tiffany and currently a final (3rd) year student studying in University of Hertfordshire, London. I really love animation and I also play League of Legends - but I'm not that good. However, I really want to try out this competition and see where i can get - even though I'll have other projects as well. 

Goodluck to all artist!



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    The rig I will be using is called Anthro Tiger Rig by Tre Vital. 

    I really like how stylised and clean the rig looks. However the only thing that it doesn't have are mouth controls. Because of this, I will be showing off my animation through body language.

    For now, I've brainstormed something simple for my recall. I love how majestic yet manly the rig looks, so i wanted to give him a vain yet dangerously charming personality. He loves his body and loves to dance the flamenco but on the other hand, I still want to give him a 'side' personality of being childish and loves to being a 'cat'.  I'll probably be brainstorming more since this is just my first idea.

    Edited: came to a conclusion that this is quite similar to Rakan o Taric. So I'll still be developing more ideas.
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