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Trying to be social in the social, I love polycount and found here a lot of help and still looking here for it hehe, so I'll try not to fail and post here something as I'm doing in my personal blog. If someone randomly found this thread, feel free to say hi or leave any comment like "Hey I saw your message mate!". I'm always happy to give any feedback, hit me up if you need some assist! Yo! 

So for the first post, I'll add recent sketch that I wanna turn into some 3d and test few texturing pipelines in Substance. It was inspired by concept made by Olga Samoilova, in Skills Up school they're doing challenge about 1001 night, looks fun! 

Having some problems with brows and had hair but look like I overdid with the brows right now, and they need less of the volume changing. 


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