Lighting your scenes for free in ue4

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Larry keyframe
Hello everyone, have you been looking too much at your scene and cannot figure out if one change is better than the other?
Do you want a fresh point of view for your scene?
Do you want better renders for your portfolio?
I would be glad to light up your scenes, as i really like working with lighting and i want to practice more,you can send me your scene whether it being interior or exterior,and i can rework your lighting, trying to give you and also take some feedback, for future projects.
All i want is your input on what is your scene about, what is the feeling you want to capture, and some reference on what you want to achieve if possible. Whoever is interested either comment here or send me a pm.

P.S. It will not be mandatory for you to put my name on your work, i just do this for myself, getting better with lighting and helping out a fellow designer! 


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