CoD Ghosts - Panic Room [UE4]

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I started on this a long time ago and I am now going to finish it. Based on a concept by Thomas A. Szakolczay for Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

Blockout work from a while ago:

With some additional angles I will be working with in mind:

Original concept:

I have been slowly chipping away at some assets that I will post. Once I've finished a few of these (around the desk area) I will push this blockout into the latest version of UE4, and further improve the lighting. There's a lot of interest lost in the current blockout regarding lighting.

I have made a few small alterations with the direction - mainly that the large security door doesn't open up to a warehouse looking floor, but instead a walk-in safe. I originally saw this concept and wanted to pursue it before playing the video game; so I've disregarded what its intention and implementation was.

Thank you.


  • Wesley
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    Wesley Polycount Sponsor
    Here are some images of asset progress in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

    Monitor - 641 tris - 1k maps
    Desk - 16k - temp decal sheet with baroque details
    Chair - 6.7k tris - 2k maps
    Monitor stand - from 3-6k tris depending on double or single - 512 maps

    I will texture up the chair (and fix whatever is happening on the wheels) and desk and then move these into UE4 and rework the lighting. I'm unsure how to handle the desk. It's very large and having one giant texture map might not be a sensible solution. It is currently using chamfers and a decal sheet for the baroque details.
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    Wesley Polycount Sponsor

    This week I decided to bail from work early, hide from the snow, and finish off the group of props/objects for the ceiling.

    These are just quick Max grabs, some bits rotated incorrectly so I didn't have to have too many images. Below are vents, cable trays, a section of the circular railing above the desk that will be duped around; ceiling cushions and the frame; the frames alone; water pipes/sprinkler, gas pipes, electric pipes/conduits and socket/switches; light rail and spotlight, spotlight for the circular railing above the desk, square spotlight; smoke alarm and wireless router/booster (which for some reason I also put in detail for the part attached to the ceiling). I did also create a widescreen TV and arm, but it's basically the same as the monitors from before.

    I also whacked in some of those props with the correct bakes but temp tiling materials into the scene which has been handy.

    Having correct values for materials and proper smoothing/normals will be handy when I relight this scene.

  • Wesley
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    Wesley Polycount Sponsor
    Hello. A small update for these ceiling/wall bits.

    1k for kits - cable tray, circular railing, gas pipes, sprinklers, electrical pipes, venting, extractor

    1k/512 for ceiling frames, wireless router, lighting rail

    512/256 for ceiling cushion

    512/512 for each three lights, smoke alarm

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