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Hi, guys! I was inspired by few people to make a fan version of Oseram malevanguard from Horizon: Zero Down game. First thanks Brendon Isaiah Bengtson for his videos. After watching some episodes I really understood what character I'd like to make)) Second thanks to amazing artists who made those concepts to work with. Please, take a look at their work: 
Ok, now it's my part's time. Here is my ref base 

Until this time I finished the blocking mostly. I've got the primary shape and proportions I'm happy with, without going into details. So I thought that I need some fresh look on my work on this stage before  I can start making the detailed high poly model.
Feel free to make a comment :)


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    Hi, guys! It's been a looong time)) I'm still going to make this guy ready. I was just busy at my full-time job because of the Alpha release. I believe I'll post updates more often since now. I finished with the blockout last time and started to detail model to prepare a proper high poly for baking and retopo. Basically, I'm going from the bottom to the top. That means the upper-body and the head are still waiting for my hands on it. Here are some screens of my progress. I hope you like detailed parts or, If you don't, please, let me know how to improve them.

    The full-character view. I also updated tassets(?) which protect legs, but I decided do not bother putting high-poly on the model. I'll bake it apart and attach low-poly versions later. I also fixed proportions a bit and the guy has got new hands. Let's see it closer!

    Pants are unsymmetrical, but boots are mirrored. I was planning to make them completely symmetrical, but maybe I'll break the symmetry with textures a bit.
    Then I had to rebuild folds on panties, especially under straps, because I didn't like how they showed on the ref. First I made folds the same horizontally, but it felt not right all the time. I took my the loosest panties and simulate straps pressure. I've got vertical folds instead. So I made them like this:

    Instead of like on the ref:

    The connection between the front and the back of the upper part of the boot doesn't match the ref exactly. I couldn't understand the construction exactly so I made it a bit in my own way. 

    This is the tasset I was talking about. I made the one unique. I'll make a low poly from it and put the low poly on the final model later on. I guess it saves me some time. 

    The arm protection is made in the same way:

    To make this WIP more interesting and informative, I've prepared the small breakdown. I hope you'll find it interesting.

    Please, let me know which parts of this WIP I should explain better and with such breakdowns or in any other way. And also feel free to ask questions about this topic.
  • Brian "Panda" Choi
    This is hot.  Thank you
  • kanga
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    olegpic polycounter lvl 3
    Updated the torso. The straps look a bit strange at the bottom, that's because I reused them from hands. I am going to cut them later in any way. The torso itself is not the most difficult part of the body, but sometimes it was tricky to make all the details fit good where it's many layers.

    Some close up shots to show the details:

    The rough-made buckle! All by hand, all by hand))

    Some metal plates. First wanted to go crazier with details, to make even those wires which hold the metal plates in the place in a worn aged way of looking. But later I decided that it's gonna be too much))

    The lower-arm itself. Most of the parts were made in the same way as I did before. Like straps, bracers, fabrics. The hand I took from a base mesh. It wasn't my goal to sculpt hand from the scratch here. From the new approach stuff is the fingerless gloves.  

    The mix of noise generator and hand sculpting. I used two noises, one for the skin surface with a skin alpha, another one for the skin end face where it cut, I took the noise I made for my realistic Red Wings project https://www.artstation.com/artwork/LXDkr. It gave me such end face surface:

    Here is the texture:

    The fact my skin pattern was based on the texture applied by UVs gave me a possibility to add a new layer with the same texture when I need it. Even If I went far from the first layer and can't use a morph target easily to bring back the details. With the last layer, I just applied the skin noise again, but this time only in particular areas using masking.
    Basically, it looked like this:

    With the mask intensity, I controlled how much I'd like the details to go back in specific areas.
    It is too much for such small element, I know. But it always good to try something different, just to see how it works. 
    Now the dude looks like this:

    If it's Mayne Reid's The Headless Horseman, It would be done already!)) But it's now, so moving on! The helmet part is waiting for some work))
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    Wow, that is really coming along. Feel like the helmet makes the armor look cartoonish right now. It's incredibly large, making the entire proportions look cartoon like. Without the helmet tough it looks closer to normal proportions.
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    olegpic polycounter lvl 3
    thank you! Yes, the helmet should be a bit smaller, you're right!
  • MarcoAntonio
    WOW!! Pretty nice work olegpic! Furthermore, knowing those steps is a great knowledge!! Thanks!!
  • olegpic
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    olegpic polycounter lvl 3
    thanks! Yes, that's why I'm doing it, to share and to learn))
  • Jack M.
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    This is really turning into a fantastic piece. Really nice work so far @olegpic

  • olegpic
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    Thank you, Jack M!
    Update of the helmet part

    I haven't make any specific head so far, but I'm planning to do that. So I prepared the face protection to be opened. I integrated the metal piece from the inside

    The guy looks like this now:

    It could be done already, but I've got some critiques about the fabrics folds, which I'm going to improve. And also I'm going to go through the whole model and to check one again if I'm happy with all the parts. 
  • JustinT
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    JustinT triangle
    This is great! Thanks for sharing the process!
  • LokiDokie
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    This is going great :) love the progress updates and info on here. Loving forward to seeing more. (also yay Oseram) 
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    Hello! I'm here to post not the next step (I supposed to start making lowpoly), but to post an update after a good feedback I've got about my work))
    1) The proportions update. It's no longer a short man with a dwarf-like proportions:

    Also fixed the neck, hands, feet and some body shapes.

    2) Cloth update. Pants

    3) Cloth update. Sleeves

    4) Hand protection. Made it more logical and interesting. Also made a better version of gloves for baking

    5) There is also some changes with a head and face protection

    6) Added some details to the back part to make it more interesting

    7) Made a weapon for this guy. It's a combat hammer! 

    I made the winding differently from how I did it before on the armor. This time I duplicate a handle of the hammer, cut cylinders in places I'd like to have the winding. Using ZModeller - Insert Multiple EdgeLoops (Edge) I've got such base:

    And applied Panel Loops with such parameters to this base.
    Next I copied the tool, moved the elements a bit, deleted some parts, created a visibility of layering.

    The result looks like this

    After this I decided that's it's time to go to a low poly finally, posed the high poly using Transpose Master, rendered it. Here's the final result

    There are still some small mistakes I see. But I'm gonna fix them on the low poly stage.
    Have a good day! 
  • d.merticariu
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    It looks unbelievable, congratz! Can't wait to see the low poly version.
    How did you do to clean up the cloth parts so nicely?
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    olegpic polycounter lvl 3
    How did you do to clean up the cloth parts so nicely?
    Thank you!. No magic about the cloth, unfortunately. I tried to fix it first, but ended up with the decision to make the new cloth in MD. So the cloth in 90% from MD and 10% of Zbrush cleaning.
  • ashraful mobin
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    the whole thread is freakin' amazing! love that you took time to explain your process, can't wait for the low poly version!
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