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Been a long time since I've made a post on polycount, but I'm back! This began as a small project over 2 years ago, when I made a short prototype game that included a few unfinished environment assets.  Using the mouse, players would pivot the camera around a fixed point in the scene, searching the environment for items to enter the house. The original footage can be found here:

Work and other obligations caused it to sit unfinished for years, which always bummed me out because I personally loved the project so much! So, over the past few months, I worked a few hours each night to completely re-model and re-paint the entire scene.  I'll upload a gameplay video of the new scene soon, but I wanted to get these screens and breakdowns out as soon as I possibly could.

This one means a lot to me so I hope you enjoy! 

You can also check it out over on artstation here:


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