[Riot Creative Contest 2017] - Tobias Tobasco

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Priareos polycounter lvl 5
Hey guys!

Happy to see there's a VFX category once again. Super excited to start, good stuff going on here already!
I will most likely participate in both categories, depending on how much time I can spare. I'll be using Unreal and already started with setting up the scene, particle materials etc. (I know we're not allowed to add fancy stuff to our scene, and I will submit my final results according to the guidelines.)

The stylized effect entry will be an altered version of Diana's Crescent Strike. My bro Bao already started his character entry with an Ice version of Diana, which I will be using as a reference to base my effect on. Here is the Refrence sheet, concept and some shots of the scene will follow soon.


  • Priareos
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    Priareos polycounter lvl 5
    Concept Update: 

    So the basic idea is to mix Diana's moon theme and shapes with ice forms. It's gonna be tricky to make these half moon shapes work properly with ice, but it might work. I will need to model some test meshes soon, in order to get a proper ice shader working with them. The details of the effect will be ice sparkles, some nice trails (like in the 'Frozen' ref) and crescent moons everywhere...
    For the color scheme I will most likely make some form of 'Dark Ice', which i think fits better to Diana's 'dark side' and gives the whole effect some uniqueness. The impact and status effect will be some kind of freeze.

  • Priareos
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    Priareos polycounter lvl 5
    I got all worked up in creating the scene and decided to do some sphere spawning. Just to see if my material work properly etc. Has nothing to do with the challenge, but was fun anyway. I'm all ready to start with the real fx next week :) 
    Guess next steps will be:
    - Painting some textures (crescents, sparkles, trails)
    - Modeling ice and trail meshes
    - Creating stylized ice material

  • Priareos
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    Priareos polycounter lvl 5
    • I set up the spell system with blueprints (target switching, projectiles, variable timings etc.). 
    • Then blocked out all the individual effects (buildup, release, projectile, impact). 

    Next up:
    • Adding details to each individual part of the spell, proper textures, meshes etc...

  • rocifier
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    rocifier null
    Looking good. Might be cool if the spikes curved in towards the center of the arc radius as they moved from A to B (not just remained upright). What software are you using out of curiosity?
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    Priareos polycounter lvl 5
    Thanks! Yeah, you're totally right! I just put a quick placeholder in for now, I'll make curve direction work as soon as i have my final ice meshes :)
    I'm using Unreal.
  • Priareos
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    Priareos polycounter lvl 5
    • Create an ice mesh and tried out different angles. Not really satisfied yet. Especially when the meshes rotate into the camera, it's really hard to see the shape of the shards. I'll see what to do about it. 

  • Toafer
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    Toafer polycounter lvl 5
    I feel like the timing could be improved upon. I like the overall direction. For instance, you have a streaky/cloudy wave that travels along the length of the ability after the ice shards appear. If that wave preceded the shards it would visually pave the way for the shards to appear instead of the shards appearing out of nothing. I also feel like it might give the effect more directionality if the shards were facing the direction of the motion more.

    The warm up could also use some variance in the timing and motion of the particles that are getting sucked in along with adding another supporting element or two. 

    And as far as the issue you're having with the meshes pointed towards the camera on the reverse cast, I'd say just only show it from one direction. If it was going to be implemented into the game then sure you'd want it to look good at all angles but for this you just needs to worry about the camera angles that are requested. No need to make more work for yourself.

    Excited to see where this goes :)
  • Priareos
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    Priareos polycounter lvl 5
    @Toafer Hey man, thanks for all the feedback!
    Yeah, I totally agree with you. I wasn't happy with the wave too and changed it, maybe i'll add even more to it, so it actually 'rolls' before the ice shards, like you said. I also changed the direction and sizes of the ice slightly.

    The warmup is just a dummy at the moment, to get a better feel for the timings. I will definitely add more stuff to it. Most likely some moon shapes, I'll have to add more of them to the effect.

    Haha yeah, you're right. Having only some hours per week after work, I should totally ignore it. It just hurts my feelings when i create stuff, and it only works in one direction. 

    • Added more warump on the ground. Moon stuff, because i need more moons!
    • Changed the wave to be more in line with the ice
    • Ice shading 1st pass
    • Created snow, to blend better between ice crystals and ground

    • In addition I created some random moon textures for the future and first pass colors. 
    • I love using gradient mapping in my effects and i created some testing colors. Right now i really like the dark-greenish-white look.

    Next up:
    • Proper Impact effect + ice overlay. Icy Smoke. More warmup
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    parag polycounter lvl 4
    This is looking really amazing :) 
  • Priareos
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    Priareos polycounter lvl 5
    @parag Thx dude! All the best for your entry, looking good :)!

    Hey guys, long time no update. Couldn't quite find the time with Christmas, NewYears etc.
    With only two more weeks remaining i gotta hurry a bit, and finish this up, so here we go.

    • Added Freeze Overlay on Impact
    • Impact Effect with more swirls and smoke
    • Sparkles! 
    • Smoke
    • Slight tweaking of the Ice Shards
    • Snowflake movement

    Next up:
    • Proper warmup/charge effect + release
    • Polish - Might reduce/remove the impact swirls to make it read better
    • Polish - Introduce darker colors for more contrast
    • Polish - More tiny ice shards breaking off in addition to the snowflakes
    • Polish - Break ice into pieces
  • Kalami
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    Kalami polycounter lvl 5
    Loving it so far, keep up the good work!
  • Dianaismywife
    How much do you want me to pay you to turn this into a Riot Level splash Art am IN LOVE WITH THIS https://i.imgur.com/ooyqa36.jpg
  • UndeadMeddler
    Very cool effect so far. My only thoughts are literally what you have in your polish category. I would like to see some darker contrast as well as the ice breaking for a nice after effect.
  • Priareos
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    Priareos polycounter lvl 5
    Hey guys, 
    Unfortunately free time isn't my best friend lately, so I didn't quite finish all things I wanted to do. My biggest regret is not shattering the ice into little pieces at the end... but such is life :)
    Here is my final entry:

    Final Update#05:
    • Added Buildup + Release
    • Impact polish
    • Added tiny snow splats
    • Post Processing tweaks

  • Nalmoth
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    Nalmoth null
    I love the motion of the trails at the start ! Good job ^^
  • SilverYuan
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    SilverYuan triangle
    I think this is very good. I like the material of ice.
  • Jordanov
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    Jordanov triangle
    Really nice ! Don't forget to do the top and side shot ! 
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