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[Riot Creative Contest 2017] Steel Specter Camille

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Decided to enter this time, I'm choosing Camille. A new character with cool concept, too bad she's only has few skin options so I'm gonna make her new one. The theme is basically futuristic/robotic with demonic taste. Can't think of any cooler name, so she's gonna be 'Steel Specter' until further notice (open to suggestion) 

Now I'm torn with these two thumbnails:

I really like the flow with this one. Splitting image in the center with flashing effect could be a good point. the downside is the knee and torso part is somewhat hidden so a little bit hard to showcase the design, and the pose is a little bit generic

With this one, I love the pose, the movement rather unique and the front body part is seen clearly to show the design (too bad the hookshot apparatus isn't seen clearly though). Although it's a little bit worrying if I put flashing effects on the top the overall image will be imbalance (top heavy)

deciding on the second composition and tighten up the sketch

initial color attempt

finally I could work again on this piece. I think I could make it in time. Thank you for all the comments :D

..aaaand it's done!

[update will be edited on this post, c&c are most welcome]


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