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[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] Character Art - Pastel Goth Ahri

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lasoob polycounter lvl 8
I initially couldn't decide between Headhunter Caitlyn and Arcade Miss Fortune and I might still choose one of those afterall but I really want to use pastel colours. So for now, I'm trying my hand at using a pastel goth theme for inspiration and Ahri is kind of perfect already for that aesthetic with her short skirt and cute ears and tail.
Just roughly painted over the classic Ahri skin to get an impression of how it might look so 'scuse the dodgy brushstrokes. I like the colour palette but some aspects might not work in 3D i.e. I would like lace here and there but that might not work, also I need to simplify the type of patterns I use and make them more clearly readable. I want to include extra necklaces, bracelets and maybe a bat backpack or a cute fluffy one with wings but I'll probably flesh it out in 3D tbh as I'm clearly not a 2D artist and don't want to get stuck figuring things out there. I should probably add something to that bare arm too.



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