[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] Character Art - Qilin Aurelion Sol

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Hey guys!

My project is going to be a Qilin skin for Aurelion Sol. He's me favorite champion design so I've always wanted to do something with him. 

Qilin is a mythological chimera creature from East Asia. I was originally thinking about a Chinese dragon design but I've never personally liked how they looked and I want to make him look really cool and kinda creepy. 

He's not going to be 100% qilin as I want him to keep some of his original dragon features, especially his front-facing horns. He's also probably going to have some ideas from komainus, the guardian lion-dogs of Japanese temples. They have pretty similar design elements so I think they will mesh well.

A really quick test if the main qilin features actually work with him. I especially have to pay attention to his horns and neck area to get a good balance of the reference and understandable silhouette. 


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