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[Riot Art Contest 2017] Forest Guardians : Elderwood Rakan and Xayah (FINAL)

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RedSinistra polygon

Rakan: Hey! I Ain't gonna kill ya, she is!
Xayah: Nice yo unmeet you.

Hello everyone! It's my first time participating in this contest and I'm really exited. Main Support here : D  

I was thinking yo make a skin for Thresh, but all of the sudden an idea came to my mind: "Hades and Persefone's" Myth. By that time I was playing Rakan, a lot, because he was soooo dynamic and funny to play. Obviously, the love between Xayah and Rakan is not that twisted. So, decided to make a skin for them both: Two Forest Spirits who protect the balance and the natural cycle of life and death, bloom and decay. 
Rakan, as a battle-dancer, wild lover would be something related to "life" and blossom, as he is really protective with Xayah; shields and heals her. A natural care-taker.
Xayah on the other hand, is the one who takes action. Always prepared and self-confident, she doesn't hesitate: If she has to take a life to preserve the balance, she will. The one who ends the cycle, but the one who let it flow and restart. 
As the human kind always do whatever they want, altering the cicle of nature itself for their  purposes, these two spirits would stop that and restore nature as it is, wild and untameable (like their actual lore with "magic" and etc..)

Sooo. Let's beggin shall we? 

Note: In game there are plenty of "Themes" that could match this ideas, such as Elderwood, Deathblossom, even "Hauted Zyra" came to my mind. I don't know if the concept will go  in that direction, so I won't name their skins yet. Certainly I'll have all of that themes as a reference. 

Ok, my post dissapeared soooo, I'm re-writting / reposting aaaall the process and stuff. (18/11/2017) -- Restored, Thank you! (19/11/17)

Finished! : )

Thanks to everyone who came to this post and gave some tips, feedback etc... That helped a lot !. This has helped me to learn new things and improve my coloring skills (a little bit).


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