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[Riot Creative Contest free usable Maya Rig for the competition] Ekko

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Binxx polycounter lvl 9
Hello guys! It's Binxx here, it has been ages since I've gone on polycount, but I've come bearing gifts! I have been in the talks with riot, and thanks to their generosity, they have allowed me to distribute one of my personal riot character rigs for you guys to use for the contest. So I present to you the Ekko rig!

You can check out the basic controls and functionality here!

In addition since the Ekko rig is still a Wip, I'll be updating more functionality to the rig over the next few weeks. this includes eyebrow controls and some optimization. In addition if there are any hiccups or issues with the rig or any extra functionality you guys are interested in I'll be sure to help you guys out.

Have a good one and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

In addition for the Rengar rig, I have that too. just it's one of my older legacy rigs. If there is enough interest in that i can update and release it for the competition, it's just the controls are a bit limited.


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