Looking for advice on how to give this character model hair

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Here is a model I have been working on. This is my first human character and one of my first models period. I am just about done with the hi resolution sculpting. I want to make this into a game character.

Because I am new to 3d art, I don't really know what all the methods are for creating hair. I mean, I have some idea of the different ways you can do it -- be it with Maya Xgen or Zbrush fiber mesh of using transparent planes -- but I don't really know what the best method I should choose is. And then, having chosen a method, where can I find some in depth instruction to speed up my learning?

Ideally, I'd like the hair to not be totally rigid. I know that the systems like fiber mesh and xgen aren't used in games as much because they are graphically expensive, so I am thinking that lots of carefully placed planes will be the way to go? And that I can make certain planes animated to simulate realistic bounciness?

Just looking for a little direction or general advice. Also, even though the model is not finished, any general criticism/tips is appreciated.


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