3D generalist / texturer / shader / lighter / renderer / post producer looking for a collaboration

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Ciao you reading here,

I'm Giuseppe Quattrone, an italian 3D artist from Como, Italy.

MOTIVATIONS: I'm a really versatile resource, skilled in modeling, sculpting, texturing (all the maps of course), I also know a bit of rigging, animation and I'm usual with post produce images and videos both. I know game creation logic but not only.
I'm open minded, really collaborative and proactive, always full of ideas to share and ready to listen an discuss everything to obtain the best result.

: my first formation was about arts in general (art highschool first and then Brera fine arts academy, Milan). 
After that I've started my studies about 3D in BigRock - Institute of magic technologies where I've improved my 3D knowledge.
My last experience have just been in Milestone srl, the biggest italian studio of games production, where I get specialized in Environment creation (here is a video of my last work), but not only.

Waiting for your proposal
P.S. I'm also available for any unselfish suggestions, absolutely no problem about that

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