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3D Artist - 6 years game development experience

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I’m Giuseppe, nice to meet you :)

Spaghetti-eater searching for the next step in my career. 

Priority: a great and cohesive team to join, to learn from and to share with knowledge and experiences. 

I’m a 6 years experienced 3D artist specialized in environment game art, 2 games shipped from the start to the end and some other collaborations. Games made for PS4, PS5, Xboxone, PC, Switch. 

Collaborative and proactive searching for new solutions and styles, quite organized in terms of pipeline, kind in relations and “straight to the point” on the job, very friendly and positive in informal situations.

I'm an art passionate, so I like to visit cities, go to exhibitions, talk about art, philosophy, psychology. Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to keep those passions alive continuously and always learn something new!

Eco friendly, I do my everyday part especially by moving around just riding my bike to move around.

I tried many things I'm my life, like dancing tango, lindy op, Bachata, I climbed rocks, sang in a chorus, and I was an amateur actor for some years. Actually I'm a kick boxer and, as my trainer loves to say, I like get "kicked off by sandbags' '. And, of course, I like playing video games!! I'm passionate about not ordinary and deep experiences (Bioshock, Talos principle for example) but I also really enjoy management and tactical games, such as Xcom saga, Civilization, Company of heroes and so on. 

I've worked in the followng studios:

Raceward (Nacon Italy)
Event Horizon
Lunar Great Wall Studio

If you have any proposal, just drop it :D
P.S. I'm also available for any unselfish suggestions, absolutely no problem about that

Kind regards!

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