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Arturow polycounter
Hello friends :)

I will make a character with extra hands that he can control with magnetic fields, and they can grow in size for attacks ( not that all his movements need to be some tech related hahah just thinking of the look of the rig). For the sake of presentation, I just posed 2 rigs in the same scene but I will need to rig and maybe modify a little bit the white punch geometry to do specific things I want them to do with smears :)

  • For the locomotion I will do a Run cycle and for the other animation I will do a Dance animation, this being my reference (and if time let me I will do an Ultimate Attack for it):

  • Here is a run cycle I did just to explore the rig, get familiar and to see my limitations with it ( almost nothing hahah Kiel rigs are amazing ) this was just for exploration and my run cycle entry will be different with more character :)

Thanks for taking your time to watch my entry!
I will post every animation to syncsketch and If you have any feedback in the process please let it come, I will appreciate it :)


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