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Hello my name is Ryan Griffin and I am going to be working on the Riot Games Contest in the 3d Environment section. 

I am going to do my best with this project otherwise I will continue to work on this as a portfolio piece. I want to finish on time. I'll have a concept up hopefully soon.


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    It's kind of funny cause my original concept was to bring the PROJECT: Overdrive skins into environment pieces, however this was before this contest was truly open and RIOT showing their new PROJECT skins, trailers, and new 3v3 level. The art direction for those are awesome and I want to incorporate them into my entry so I will do some reworking.

    I have the first draft of my concept for my tower submission. I want to push it to the next level. Adding in more from the Overdrive 3v3 level and from the Projects skins. I also should push the overall design more. I want to have light coming up from the bottom like other tower have. Work the crystals shape and function. I had an idea of how it would fire and animate in my head. I should show that. I need to work on the base and how it integrate into the map and the tower. Working on the proportion and evenness. My materials rendering could be better. Should get more inspiration from the trailers for PROJECT series adding in more cyberpunk motifs.

    Hopefully I can get more done have the thanksgiving break when I have time. I should also work in the side/top views.

    Let me know what you think.

    Reference links for different RIOT sources. 

    PROJECT Hunters Trailers

    PROJECT Overdrive Trailer

    Substructure 3v3 level

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