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Hey Polycount!

I'm so excited about this contest, I didn't have the chance to finish it last time. Thanks to Polycount and Riot for organizing such a cool event :)

So, I've been digging League of Legend universe for the past few days and there's two themes/regions that I'd like to work into the environment : the Freljord and Bilgewater. I didn't wanted to stop on my first idea so I worked on both, only on the creep den concept for now. I used elements from the game to help shaping my ideas faster but once I'm settled on the theme, I'll work on the concepts more deeply. (Please don't mind my savage copy paste!)

First one on the Freljord theme, inspired by the "Tomb of the Troll Boy" story, it's about Braum's door/shield before he founds it. It contains a lot of elements from the Howling Abyss map.

Second one on Bilgewater region, inspired by the Lore and the map made for the event. I really like the houses built from old boats idea so I imagined a camp made the same way.

I'm really interested to have your opinions on which theme you prefer! 

Thanks folks :)


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