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[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] - 10 points for Featherflame

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Narrative purport: Featherflame is one of the four Houses of Noxus School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, founded by Gray Order. Graduates of the school get the ability to control the liquid magical flame, and especially distinguished students reach especially impressive heights and tame to themselves a totemic animal - a huge Owl of Ice Wastelands that will protect its master until the last breath!

Project ploy: Hi! My name is Oleg Knyazev! I'm CG artist who has recently been creating animations for illustrations that you can see in this collection [animated illustrations album] . The fact is that I always animated someone else's illustrations. But now thanks to the Riot, I have the opportunity to create my own illustration, which in the future I will try to revive in the form of a high-grade Loginscreenreen  >:) I would very much like to create a model based on the results of the competition. But unfortunately most likely I just do not have enough time. In any case, it's time to proceed. And for this narrative, I need to get the design of the Champion and the Summon. Oh, and I almost forgot. The main character of the project will be Annie



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