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[Riot 2017 Art Contest] A Cho'Gath Visual Update (Finished)

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Medaforcer triangle
Final Illustration

Final Design

Hey all! I missed out on the last contest so I had to bite this chance and enter this time. First time doing this, so let me know if i'm doing anything wrong.

Cho is one of my favorite champs and one of the very first I ever played when i started back in season 2. Over the years he has really fallen behind and lacks something strong to attach to and stand out, but we're gonna solve that and poor some of that love i have into him!

In this project we're going to explore the fantasy of Cho and try to nail it down with research, sketches, and build to a final design, and then finally the illustration of course to show it all off. 

I've just started so we're just exploring and sketching some thumbnails for now:

[Update 1]

Let's have fun and see what happens! 


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