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About Me

I'm Pierre Glory, freelance sound designer from Nantes, France. I'm 26, in case you're wondering. I really like sound, as sounds or as music. But also video editing, photography, video games, and many other things.

The Contest

I don't know much about LoL. I know what this is, I watch some big events sometimes on Twitch, but I'm not into it.
The strategy, the lore, the sounds are things I don't have in mind, but I think that this is a benefit for this contest, since the originality is "highlighted".
Obviously, I checked (or asked friends) some important facts like "Who are the characters ?", "What are their relationships ?", "What skills do they have ?", etc.
I've also seen that the original video already exists ; but I did not want to check it out, in order to have a "blank" mindset, free from inspiration.
So, my aim here is to provide my interpretation of the video sequence, through more or less personal feelings. 

Above is my logbook, which I'll update as much as I can, with infos, photos, etc.


09_11_2017 - Decision made : participating to the contest
09_11_2017 - Setting up Cubase Project
09_11_2017 - Creating Rough Assets List

10_11_2017 - Creating a Sound Location Map for Recording

13_11_2017 - First Recordings at my garage : some metal clangs, platic stuff, impacts, etc

14_11_2017 - Outdoor Recordings : plants, grass, impacts

16_11_2017 - Syncing some sounds recorded to have an overwall feeling. Recording and syncing some male voice over (mine) to try tones (humoristic, dramatic, etc). Recorded in French, and I think I will keep it that way, on purpose :D

27_11_2017 - I synced some other sound effects but I have been busy the past few days. Here are some screens of my project for the moment (from begining to today).

06_12_2017 - Long time since I did not updated this post. I recorded many others stuff (metal, leather, polystyrene, gaz, sprays, etc) but I have still much work to do. Here polystyrene recording and female voice over session with my friend Antonia.

07_12_2017 - Additionnal recordings and syncing. Plus I made a little video.

12_12_2017 - I recorded some stuff this weekend. Here photos of wood shavings and sewing machine.

21_12_2017 - I recorded some "feather spells" sounds, and claws. I am close to something now but still some work to do (+ mixing...). Little pic for you ;)

23_12_2017 - Yesterday I was in Normandy (where I'm originally from) in the French countryside. We went for a walk in the forest with my GF and her sister, and I decided to make use of this promenade to record some sounds (I still need ambient sounds for the first part). The problem is that it was rainy and misty, so I don't have the clear forest sound with birds (I need crows so bad :neutral: ). In the other hand, we discovered a forsaken mine and that was really cool ! Nice reverb, things to break, steps to record, gravels etc. In a film-maker perspective, the place would be awesome ! Here are some pictures ;)

Merry Christmas ;)

29_12_2017 - 100+ tracks, more to come...


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