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[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] Character Art - Warring Kingdoms Sejuani

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Hey guys! First Polycount contest here, I've been a long time lurker so it feels great to finally be able to contribute to this incredibly inspiring place. :blush:  also League's been my go-to game for about 5 years now, so I'm super hyped for this contest!

I wanted to do something oriental for Sejuani and originally I started concepting for a Blood Moon Sejuani, but I always felt that at least one of the Freljord sisters should have a Warring Kingdoms skin since it's such a huge part of their lore. So I switched over! 

Currently still in early concepting in Zbrush, but will post some images soon. Can't wait to see everyone's work and the amazing ideas you guys always come up with! :heart:


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