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[Riot Creative Contest 2017] - Eric Kim

This is my WIP thread for the animation contest. Good luck to everyone!


  • moastytoasty
    So i decided to use one of the new long winter studio rigs, called Fast!

    I really love the design, and just looking at the character inspires me to make some really cool looking stuff. The only thing I really added was the cannon that I quickly modeled and rigged, then constrained to the arm to make a sort of megaman/samus looking character.

    Here's the combat Idle pose I came up with so far:

    This was sort of a pose test, but I also tried to come up with sort of a "combat idle", or starting pose for my ultimate/recall/emote animation. For this character, i'm trying to go for a "cocky but cowardly space hero" vibe, similar to duck dodgers/zapp brannigan in terms of personality, so I tried to incorporate that with this starting pose. I really wanted to puff out the chest more to give him more of a swagger, but I kept ruining the deformations and he ended up looking pretty janky. I'll probably try to push the pose a bit more/ play around with different ideas. I also tried my best to make a pose that would read well in league of legend's camera view, from the player and enemy player's perspective. I think the pose reads pretty well(?), but i feel that i could push the cocky vibe a bit more.

  • moastytoasty

    finally got around to blocking in the run cycle. I'm trying to make him a bit wacky, and i feel that I could push that a bit more
  • moastytoasty
    i decided to change the rig i was using to the lily and snout rig.

    I kinda wanted to go with a star theme, so now the character is sort of an explorer from another dimension. the personality i'm going for now is still cartoony, but more of a curious explorer type. I ended up making the run cycle that i liked, but i'll probably go back to it later.


    I'm starting to worry that it's a bit too much like soraka/aurelion sol/zoe now, but i can always change it later i guess
  • moastytoasty
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