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[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] Character Art - Amumu Visual Update!

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AndresCasta interpolator
Latest Update:

Hi! The last time Riot made a contest I didn't know anything about 3D modeling. Now year and half later since I started learning finally have the chance to participate!

I'm gonna be working on a visual update to our old little mummy. After 7 seasons I think it's time for our friend to be part of the fluffy style Riot has been establishing for the Yordles. It's gonna look completely different from the human style he actually has but I will try to keep some features so we can still recognize the essence of the Sad Mummy.

Even when I don't draw full time I spent this day trying to figure out the design. I gathered some reference based on two words: Yordle and Shurima. At the end this is the result: 

I'll be making changes as I go. At the end I want Amumu to be another member of Yordle's family. Hope you like it! :) 


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