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Star Guardian - Nidalee

Hi everyone ! I'll take my chance on Nidalee with  a Star Guardian skin with a winged pet transformation ! I ll update this later :) See you soon !


  • Morgane_Malville
    Hi ! So this is the references that I took to making her

    And this is where I am in the design 

    I tried to put some wings paterns to match with her original primitiv design, but I am struggling with which paterns I should use (the concept part is the hardest for me :P) . So if you have any suggestions I m aaaaaaaaaall listening ! Also I really don t know what to do with her hair XD I must keep her pony tail, and I added a big braid on top, but I don t know yet which jewelery I should put to make it works, I m a still thinking.

    Ah also, now I see that I should give her bigger boobs XD
    So don't hesitate to give me your opinion please :) !

    Thanks !
  • Morgane_Malville
    Hi again ! So I didn t spent too much time today, just refined/build some parts, tried news shapes, I m still figuring out for the design. If you have any ideas or suggestions I am listening ^^ ! Also, maybe I should make her legs a little longer... But, I still didn t do the heels's plateform. I think that's what I should do next ^^

  • theStoff
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    theStoff greentooth
    Off to a great start! I think I wouldn't worry too much about preserving the primitive patterns. The other skins in this series don't seem to take much from the original characters besides anatomical elements such as proportions, ears, horns etc. That said the sketch you did looks like it would fit well to me!
  • GravityBwlast
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    GravityBwlast interpolator
    Hey, nice idea.
    I like the blockout, it's great, especially the face. Although I love the proportions you gave her, I think you need to make her legs and hips thinner to fit the game's stylization for Nidalee.
    Following this thread! :) 
  • Morgane_Malville
    @theStoff Hey ! Thanks for giving me your advices ! You're right maybe I should nt try to complicate myself too much, I will see how it goes ^^ . I m just worried that she is recognizable. Any way thank you a lot :D !

    @GravityBwlast Hey Antoiiiiine ! Je te connais :D On a fait la même école ! C'est trop marrant de se croiser ici ^^ Internet est petit :P
    Thanks ! Indeed I changed her legs (and specially feets) to make it a bit longer, and thinner, even if Nidalee has some strong thighs (that s why I pick her XD I m in love with curves). For the hips I didn't touch her for now, but I think I will, I will ajust it when I ll have her oufit settled (I m not sure If I ll keep the belt area that way for now).

    So there is the progression of today (I did nt do much but still, it<s helping me to take screenshot after each session) 

    For next I think I will get rid of those awfull placeholder ears, then refine her hair (I started but I am still wondering, I am starting to have an idea but not quite), and then sleeves.

    thanks again for the reviews :)) !
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