Environment Art Guidelines

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What to Create

Two (2) different fully textured environment assets

  • Create a ow-poly fully textured model of a unique Turret or Inhibitor and a Creep Den
  • The Turret or the Inhibitor should show your ability to create hard surface models and textures
  • The Creep Den should be a small area that you would find some of the creeps on the map living
    • This should include a rock and a bush or tree (nothing else is required)
Things to keep in mind
  • There are no hard limits on polycounts but efficiency is appreciated: use your best judgment and make every polygon count
  • Try to keep the texture for each item on its own single 2048 diffuse sheet
  • You can recreate a Turret or Inhibitor already in the game or create your own design.

What to deliver

  • Beauty shots of the high poly models (high resolution) at angles that will best show the quality of your assets (Optional if you created a high poly model)
  • Beauty shots of the low poly models (high resolution) at angles that will best show the quality of your assets
    • Texture with flat lighting on, as found in League of Legends (LoL)
  • Composite shots of your assets over the updated Summoner’s Rift map (3/4 view)
    • The goal is to see your art in context to the rest of the environments found in LoL while being mindful of the design requirements of the MOBA genre
  • A construction shots (high resolution) which should include the following:
    • Wireframes of the low poly models w/ polycounts
    • Texture Sheets showing a good demonstration of economical UV space
    • Any reference and/or sketches that illustrate your thought process
Summoner's Rift Reference Images

How Riot will judge
The team at Riot is looking for top-tier low poly hard surface/organic models created with good topology, UVs used with maximum efficiency and stunning hand-painted textures.

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