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Character Art Guidelines

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What to Create

A fully-textured character model of your favorite League of Legends champion/skin

  • Take any champion in LoL and create a high-poly sculpt (optional) and low-poly fully textured model
Things to keep in mind
  • There are no hard limits on polycounts but efficiency is appreciated: use your best judgment and make every polygon count
  • Bake the Ambient Occlusion (AO) map and use this as the start of your Diffuse Map
  • Try to keep the texture on its own single 2048 diffuse sheet
  • You can recreate the base champion, an existing skin or create your own design.
What to deliver
  • Beauty shot of the high poly sculpt (high resolution) at angles that will best show the quality of your asset (Optional if you created a high poly sculpt)
  • Beauty shot of the low poly model (high resolution) at angles that will best show the quality of your asset
    • Texture with flat lighting on, as found in League of Legends (LoL)
  • Composite shot of your character over the updated Summoner’s Rift map (3/4 view)
    • The goal is to see your character in context to the environments found in LoL while being mindful of the design requirements of the MOBA genre
  • A construction shot (high resolution) which should include the following:
    • Wireframe of the low poly model w/ polycounts
    • Texture Sheet showing a good demonstration of economical UV space
    • Any reference and/or sketches that illustrate your thought process

Summoner's Rift Reference Images

How Riot will judge

The team at Riot is looking for top-tier high and low poly character models. What does top-tier mean? We’re glad you asked: Riot wants to see good topology, UVs used with maximum efficiency and stunning hand-painted textures.

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