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Sound Design Guidelines

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What to create

Original sound design for a video clip provided by Riot Audio.
  • Create a 100% original, from scratch, fully designed,and fully mixed soundscape that brings the video clip to life!
What to keep in mind
  • All audio must be original and recorded by you - no SFX from commercially available libraries.
  • Please don't include musical accompaniment; SFX and voice only.
What to deliver
  • Quicktime video export of your final product.
  • Zipped DAW final edit session, (Pro Tools, Reaper or Nuendo.) Don't forget to include all media =)
  • Quick essay (500-1,000 words,) on your approach, methodology and any other pertinent info relating to how you tackled the contest.
  • Please provide details of where and how you recorded any original audio.
What Riot will judge
Originality!  Show us something our players have never heard, and blow us away in your finished clip.  Go!

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