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VFX Guidelines

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What to create
Create two (2) spheres in a blank scene.
  • Sphere one casts a unique spell or projectile attacking sphere two
  • Sphere two receives the impact and plays some sort of status effect on itself (shield, burn, buff, etc.)
What to keep in mind
There are 2 categories you can enter in: Realistic or Stylized. Winners will be picked from each.
  • The Stylized category should match the style and feel of League of Legends
  • The Realistic category should feel slightly more based in reality while still maintaining unique and fantastic elements that make it feel stylized.
Ultimately, we want to see a range of styles. Don’t be afraid if your work is a mix between the two.
  • The spheres should remain un-textured and should not move
  • Do not use camera shake
  • Your effect should be the highlight of this piece
There are three components to this effect:
  • Anticipation
  • Climax
  • Dissipation
What to deliver
  • Three renders in QuickTime h.264 format: side, top and beauty shot
  • High resolution image from a frame of your effect capturing the moment of most interest
When submitting your entries, be sure to name the file based off of the category you wish to enter. For example, if you are entering the realistic category you can name your video files as "SusieStevens_Realistic_Side.mp4".

What Riot will judge

The VFX team at Riot is looking for precision timing and intense impact alongside clearly communicating the power of your effect. Dynamic use of color and value is also the key to a winning submission. Go!

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