[Finish] Warcraft Demonic Portal -Fanart-

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PolyFox triangle
Hey everyone ! I'm starting a Warcraft Demonic Portal and I would love to hear your input on how it's turning out. I'm aiming for the Orb style of sculpt and texture. The reference if from the great Peter Lee. The plan is to do the sculpt in Zbrush, retopo in Maya, unwrap in Maya, bake with xnormal and texture it with PS and maybe a bit of substance painter to make it full PBR game-ready asset and present it in marmoset with some animations.

This is my blockout : 

Guardian sculpt, still wip, I need to apply the patern on the arm sword 

Pilar sclupt 

Apologize in advance for my bad english. I'm also kind of new here so tell me if i'm not doing things properly on the forum. :smile:


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