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Prior to our founding in 2009, our team members spent over a decade working in-house together.

As a studio, we have never missed a deadline (in fact we usually beat it), gone over budget, or failed to execute a visual bar. Not when faced with tough deadlines, lean budgets, emerging tech or unreasonable work-flows. This is testament to the talent, knowledge and dedication of our staff.

One of the chief Benefits we enjoy working as a vendor is the opportunity to work on MANY projects over the course of a year, whereas in-house we might work on one or two. This gives us distinct advantage over our in-house counterparts as we are exposed to a more diverse range of tech, method, style and genre.

Our Ideal Clients
Companies run by driven stakeholders who understand our industry, the complexities of production, and the passion for craft. They respect and value our intimate team makeup, balanced with the ongoing need to evolve, and the iteration+innovation this requires. We want to work with clients who share these values of pride and professionalism and want to be cost effective and competitive without compromising those values. As so many of our competitors race to the bottom of commodity pricing, we want to stay apart and above them in all respects, servicing buyers that are not willing to rush to the bottom with the others.


'Vision Realized' means doing things right- for us, the client & project

Devising elegant solutions to complex problems

Your project, on target; we check the boxes... so you don’t have to!


Our success is yours- so we give your projects our full measure

We strive to live where Method meets Innovation

Forever Students & Teachers in pursuit of Inspiration/Growth

Relevant Mastery

Multi-Gen experience in Art Production/Industry Methodology

Emphasis on craftsmanship+productivity+execution

We have Never missed a milestone or budget


Art/Animation/Story Pipeline (concept through implement)

Assess/Troubleshoot/Navigate pipelines; process past to present

Software/Style/Genre agnostic- whatever your project requires


2D: Concept/Illustration, Storyboards

3D: Sculpt, Model, UV, Texture, Shaders; hard-surface to organic

Animation: Rigs, Hand Key, Mocap or mixed; Retarget, Process and Cleanup

Technical: Camera, FX, physics/collision,Format/Conversions, VR/AR, etc.

UI/UX: Design & Implementation

Engine/Post: Unity, Unreal, CryE, VR (HTC Vive, PSVR, etc), and more

Software: Max, Maya, MotionBuilder, Zbrush, Adobe CS, Substance, Quixel, Marmoset Toolbag, Marvelous Designer, etc.

Kevin Wright: Studio Head (Planetside, Counterstrike:CZ, LOTR:TT, AfterBurner: Black Falcon, Drawn to Life: the Next Chapter)
Chris Santangelo: Technical Designer & Director (NAVAIR: EHF FOT & SCSS (Submarine Comms), WLCTT (Weapon Launch Control), CSRR, BLQ-10, GE-CT)
Brad Garneau: Principal Artist and Production Guru (Ultima: Samurai & Mondains Legacy, Command and Conquer: Renegade, Epic Mickey, Project Overkill)
Kaj Swift: Production Operations Director

(Dance Central 3, Golden Axe: Beast Rider, Iron Man, NBA 2k1/2/3, NHL, NFL 2k)


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    Project/Client High-lights:

    Dead Alliance - AA
    Client:            Psyops / Illfonic
    Publisher:     Maximum Games
    -     Mid-to-Complex Scale Art & Tech Solutions
    -     All Zombie Characters : Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Technical Setup
    -     Hi End Sculpts, 4k Rez Textures, Process for Game LODs
    -     Highly Stylized Characters with Modular Parts built to spec.

    Alekhine’s Gun - AA
    Client:            Haggard Games

    Publisher:     Maximum Games

    -      Mid- Scale Art Solutions
    -      Game Cinematics

    WWE 16/17 - AAA
    Client:            Visual Concepts/Yukes LTD

    Publisher: 2k

    -   Mid , Complex-Scale Art & Tech Solutions; Stylized Sports Personalities to spec.
    -     30+ Characters : Model/Texture/Rig/Weight, Tech+Proprietary Solutions for Engine.

    Mortal Kobat X - AAA
    Client:             NetherRealms                                      Publisher:    WB
    -      Complex-Scale Art & Tech Solutions
    -     Rig/Weight, Animation & Tech Setup for cloth/physics/collision solutions.

    Heroes Reborn : Gemini & Enigma - AA Client:           Phosphor Games
    Publisher:     Imperative Ent-      Mid Term, Complex-Scale Art & Tech Solutions

    -      25 minutes of in game Cinematics

    -     Setup and Process, Facial/Dialogue and Key Frame Animation.

    Dance Central 3 - AAA
    Client:            Backbone / Foundation 9
    Next Gen Console (PS3 and xBox360)
    Publisher:    Activision/Harmonix
    -     Long Term, Large Scale Complex Technical Art Solutions: 30+ Characters
    -     Rig/Weight, Tech Setup for cloth/physics/collision and Post Engine Integration.

    The Hobbit: KoME & Aot3A & Wartune :
    Client: Kabam
    Mobile (iOS/Android) & Web
    Publishers:  WB, Kabam
    -     Multiple Projects; Mid-Scale Tech and Art Solutions
    -     Characters, Props, Environs: Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation

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    Recent Staff Works

    Stylized Gun:

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    Recent Professional Works

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    WIP on an artstation piece from a recent client project. hope to post final content within the next week or two
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    final output, sending to artstation

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     Hello! Welcome to our main page announcing our upcoming showcase of Dragons we created this year for Backlip, and their Mobile IP Dragonvale World.

     We will be sharing 5 dragons sets here over the next month, so please follow our pages on Linkedin, FB and Artstation so you see our latest posts.  For now, here is a teaser of what is to come.

     Finally, many thanks to the Client and our team- ENJOY!

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     As promised, here is The first Dragon set we will be sharing: the Machina. Look for the next post where we will be sharing their animations.

     Of the Mech dragons, they are the biggest and strongest, acting as a guardian to the others, described as purposeful, stoic and intimidating.

     Take a look, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook & Artstation, and stay tuned for more posts!

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    For our first full dragon reveal, we are pleased to share the Machina Adult: 3D model and Base textures with in game animations!

     "The adult Machina embodies the traits of a Stoic Guardian, and mentors these values to its younger namesake."

     When designing this character and it’s animations, we tried to capture/convey a stoic but playful tigerish personality, with the functionality of being motor driven in line with its mechanized heritage.

     Hope you enjoy, and Stay tuned for the Baby animations in the coming days!!!

  • LimitedSlipStudios

     For our next full reveal, we are pleased to share Machina Baby: 3D model, Base textures with in game animations.

     "Even as a hatchling, The Machina displays the 'Protector Instinct'. They learn from their elders the path of the Guardian, and emulate their behavior, often to comedic effect. As they grow in character and strength, they also develop in good humor."

    For the Baby we tried to capture the essence of the child/parent relationship- where child has great adoration of the parent, and tries to act like their role model in every way, in ways funny and adorable. Hope you Enjoy!

     We are also excited to show you our next installment, so stay tuned for: Mantis, Dragon of the Void Clan!
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    Our 2nd Dragon set we are sharing: Mantis, from the Void family.  Look for another post tomorrow where we will be sharing the adult animations.

    They are the very reclusive; but are lively and mischievous when observed.  Don't let them catch you watching! 

    Dragon Lore:  “Mantis dragons are complex creatures. Their smooth gait and calm demeanor have awarded them a respected reputation. Some magic-folk have followed these enchanting dragons into the woods up until the moment they were turned away by the creature's piercing stare. To this day, most don't know Mantis dragons frolic in secret dragon snap fields, playing until their hearts are content... then, without warning, they ravenously eat all the tops off the flowers...”

    We hope you enjoy, and Let us know what you think!

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    Lets continue our showcase with Mantis Adult and in game animations!

    "The Mantis Dragons display an otherworldly beauty, full of grace, mischief and magic."

    When designing this character, we tried to capture elements of a mischievous personality, along with a graceful, otherworldly quality, even elfin or fairylike .  With its butterfly wings, orca like head, and mantis like structure, its definitely one of the more unique designs we created.

    Let us know what you think, and Stay tuned for the Baby Mantis animations!!!

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    For today's share, we have the Mantis Baby with in game animations!

    "Not yet as graceful as the adult, they are apt to be found in play, pantomiming the adults and frolicking  under the watchful eye of their elders."

    Let us know what you think!

    And keep an eye out for this weekend where we reveal the Tock Dragon!

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    our next post in the series!

    Tock's are the oldest and wisest of the mech dragons, fragile and delicate like a grandfather clock. Regal and purposeful, with movements delicate and precise as a timepiece.

    Lore:  "For those inclined to be tardy, a joke always awaits them at their destination. Someone always remarks, "Need a new Tock dragon?" These predictable lecturers don't realize that Tock dragons are no help at all to sleepy surface folk.  In fact, these dragons fly tirelessly day and night, undeterred by any impediment. The last thing they would do is sit around waiting for the sun to rise, just to rouse a layabout."

    For more in details, descriptions, breeding stats on the Tock, visit the following links:
    - how to breed:

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