Cinematic Teaser Using Photogrammetry [Bachelor Project]

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 Hello all :)

I have finally started my bachelor project here at darmstadt university 2 weeks ago - a kind of cinematic intro/teaser trailer for a non-existing game in a setting similar to the witcher or game of thrones.
On the technical side, the focus of my research thesis is photogrammetry, so I will do my best to capture as much as I can myself and render out the whole thing in Unreal Engine 4. My personal goal would be to have an environment at the end which showcases my current skill in environment art and figure out a good way to work with photogrammetry.

Oh, also this is a solo project (which probably means that the scope of this thing -might- be way too large) so I figured it would be a good idea to create a thread early in order to get some nice feedback.
Currently struggling with story related stuff as I suck at writing while doing research for the technical stuff.

Anyways, here's my current progress.

I started earlier with this one as I knew I would have a lot to do with the environment later on, so the model itself is almost finished except for hair, a dirt/wounds pass on the textures and the rigging.
Already posted most of my progress for this one in my learning diary.
Will pause this until I got some basic environment going.

Did some capturing experiments with rocks, trees and ground textures so far, currently working on assembling a full tree for testing using a photogrammetry base and speedtree with a tileable bark extracted from the scan for the branches.

Most of these where captured using just a smartphone (samsung galaxy s5) as I do not have acces to a proper camera at the moment.

A special case is foliage as I quickly figured out that the results using regular photogrammetry look horrible for leafs and stuff.
So I spent the last week doing research and figuring out a way to capture these.
Currently  I am using a technique called photometric stereo capture which, after some trial and error provides good results.
Still a bit more to figure out with this, also a proper camera instead of a smartphone should get me some more details.
Dead leaves are my first succesfull capture, the green ones are from yesterday.
Planning to also try my hands at capturing blades of grass using this technique the next days.

Currently in blockout phase for the environment. Definetly will be outdoor. either a full forest or forest transitioning into grassland.
Final composition also depends on the story, which I unfortunately have not properly figured out yet so this might change.
Would really appreciate some feedback especially for the environment composition, even though it is still in a very early state.

That's the current progress, really excited to see what will come out of this.
Definetly got a lot to do in a short time frame D:
Will update again once I have some new stuff to show.


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