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Hi guys,
from now on I feel comfortable to show you my current project for school - to be a bit more precise for my bachelor thesis.
Long time I was just a 3d/game enthusiast doing 3d art in my spare time. Aside this I am a student at a school for graphic design with the focus on typography and corporate design and most of the students are pretty happy with this. Of course - they decided to study it ... and there are me and few others who specialize on 'digital media' or what is called here at school hypermedia ~

Short story long - I will do my bachelor thesis in (game) environment art.
I want to share my process with you and I hope you'll find it informative. Please feel free to critique me.


I could explain you everything about this environment, but I decided it is better you see/review it with your innocence in terms of meaning. My examiner in one year will do this too, so i think it's the best for me.
As you can see I am in the blockout phase - I'll add more information along I do the final assets.

The only thing you need to know - this town is underground, there is a cult who rules the world and they force the whole community to see their rituals in the center of the cave. The bottom, the area of the cultists is very sharp and clean. Above that it gets dirtier and dirtier. Oh - and in the middle of everything will be a giant eye who's looking always at you.

Favela area

The altar/ cult area



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