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[PAID, ONGOING WORK] Polygonal Character (Animal) Models

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rileygdev polycounter lvl 2

We are launching a new project and are looking for someone who specializes in this type of Modelling.  
Our end-goal is models similar to seen here.
I have also attached images of these models for example purposes. 
We can accommodate our budget to match your rate if your work meets our expectation, while we do have a price range we are looking for. 

We are looking for price estimates and examples from your portfolio that match a similar style to the examples we have provided. 

If selected for this project you will be requested to make a large variety of animal & creature character models and will be paid per asset or hourly depending on your pace.  This work will be on-going and have plenty of future opportunity as the game develops. 

Each Model should contain 
1 Animal Model, 1 UV / Texture (simple, solid colors), Rigged & Designed for Animations to be implemented.  Such as the wolf howling.

We are looking for high quality work, while these are low poly we wan't the models to be visually appealing and versatile.  

Please EMAIL me: [email protected] (preferred) 
or send me a PM on the forums
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