Character Artist and Scottish Highland Bagpiper Available [Exp. InXile, Disney, Camouflaj, etc.]

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Brian "Panda" Choi quad damage
Hey ya'll,


My name is Brian "Panda" Choi, and I'm a Character Artist who's available once again to help you bring your vision and project to life!

Worked with:
InXile Entertainment
Disney Creative
Reverge Labs
Giant Sparrow
and many more

Besides character art, I've:
1) I've shipped a Virtual Reality game on Oculus Rift, The Mage's Tale
2) I'm a Art Blueprint Scripter in Unreal.
3) I've done MoCap with Vicon AND Magnetic Acceleration Systems
4) I've rigged and animated environment assets.
5) I've got some Marvelous Designer experience.
6) I also play bagpipes.
7) Art Directed for two games: The Maestros and Core Overload


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