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Announcing the Riot Creative Contest 2017

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We're unbelievably thrilled to announce the we're taking the biggest contest we've ever done and making it even...


We're keeping the main categories from last time:

And on top of that we're adding two firsts for our contests:Expect killer prizes, amazing art, and stiff competition. For those of you that weren't around for our 2014 Riot Contest, check out the Winners from the last time. We're still formalizing the rules for this go around but expect them to be very similar to the 2014 version.


  • Contest starts November 6, 2017 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time (PT). Stay tuned for official contest rules and guidelines which will be announced then!
  • The deadline for entries is January 31, 2018 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time (PT)
  • Winners will be announced and posted on Polycount, RealTime VFX, and on a Riot Art Site TBA
  • Artists participating in this contest must be a member of the Polycount Community. Registration is free by clicking here
  • One person per entry; no team entries
  • A WIP (work-in-progress) thread must be made and maintained in the contest sub-forum for your discipline:
  • Each discipline has it's own guidelines for submissions (content, format, length, etc)
  • A forum thread to ask questions regarding the contest – overview, rules, judging, and prizes – has been made specifically for this contest. Please ask your questions here, in the Riot Creative Contest 2017 Q&A thread
  • The art work submitted to this contest must be originally made for this contest. No existing art work will be accepted
  • Riot Games is the sole judge of the contest and the judgment will be final
  • When you’re ready to submit your masterpiece, head over to the Submission Guidelines 
  • For the official contest rules, click here
  • Please note: Current partners, contractors, and employees of Riot Games are not eligible for participation in this contest

You can ask questions regarding the contest here. But just in case, here are some questions we've anticipated you may have:

I am interested in multiple categories, is it possible to submit art to multiple categories?

Hell yeah! You can enter as many categories as you want.

Do I have use any specific software or middleware engine solutions?

Nope. Feel free to use whatever software and middleware you’re comfortable with.

I don't know much about League of Legends but want to enter. Where could I go to learn about the game and its story?

You can find information about League of Legends by clicking here. You can also read about the champions of League of Legends, their regions in the world of Runeterra, and the stories we've published here.

I am interested in in creating multiple entries for the same category. Is that acceptable?

Yes. These will be seen as separate entries in the contest.

I have an idea for a new champion. Can I use this for this competition?

No. This is a fan art competition. If you are creating an art piece, you can either recreate a champion/skin with your own take on it or create your own original skin for one of our established champions. We are not judging your idea but the final execution. Be sure that if you are designing your own skin that we can still tell who the champion is.

If you're creating a piece for narrative, please follow the guidelines described.

What angle and FOV should I use for my assets?

The angle to use is around 55 degrees with the FOV being 40.

Can I use other maps other than Diffuse?

Yes. You can use Alpha maps.

Can I use a concept art from a friend or that I found online?

No. You can only use your own concept or any concept from Riot. Please do not use other people's concepts that you did not create or own even if they gave you permission. That would constitute teamwork which is against the rules as stated.

For animations, can I use a character model that I ripped from another game?

No. Do not use any copyrighted materials especially where they were acquired illegally. You can use any rig (even something very primitive) for this contest. We are judging the animations and not the model/rig you use.


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