Tileable detail albedo?

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I love that I can tile detail normals on top of the baked normals. Especially with fabric type of materials. I happen to have identical maps for both detail normals and detail albedo to match with each other.

Here I have jeans rendered in Marmoset with albedo, roughness, metalness, and both baked and detail normals (with a mask to mask out the copper buttons and stitches). Looks kinda cool and all...

...but here I have albedo with detail albedo tiled on top (excuse the darkness, found a good blending mode detail-wise, but it was just too dark in general. You'll get the idea though), in Blender with flat shading:

I could bake the tileable albedo with Substance Painter to the original albedo itself, but it's tied to the texel density on the UVs, so I'd lose some quality (even with 4K), so tiling would be ideal. So, am I missing something, that was there an option to add a separate tiling detail albedo inside Marmoset or not?

At least in Unity 5 you can tile your albedo, but it's not fast enough to preview your materials and textures compared to Marmoset.


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