Unreal - Have transition play only during a certain anim

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So I have a blendspace that blends a walk, jog and run. I want a transition from the run to the idle. However, I want the transition rule to be "Only play this transition rule when the character is in a run state and then goes to a speed of 0".

I can't simply say "Play the transition when the velocity is at 0" because then it will play the transition when I'm walking and then stop, or jogging and stop. I only want it to play when I'm running and then stop.

I tried setting up so the run is at a speed of 900 and I say play the transition when the speed is 899 but if I was to go from a jog to a run, as soon as the jog hits the 899 speed to go to the run, it will play the transition.

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to set this up.


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