Help me. Substance painter to Maya using a Mia Material X

I'm really new to Substance so idk what's the first thing I have to do with exporting it to be compatible with a mia material x. Any and all help is appreciated. I hate asking for help like this like I need someone to hold my hand but I am at my wits end and i need more clear step by step instructions.
I tried using a MILA and allegorithmic's own documentation to do the deed but it assumes i know how to use MILAs and it comes off as how to draw an owl tutorials... (step 1: draw a circle step 2: draw an owl) and even though my hypershade map looks exactly the same it does not render well at all. I ask for help using a Mia material x because I am more familiar with that shader.
A link to the documentation i was using


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