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Hi guys !

I have been reading this forum for years but have never really posted anything.
I am "self taught" (should i say Internet taught?) belgian 3D hobbyist, and i like to make game assets for fun.

I recently started an UE4 game project with two friends, and it boosted my motivation to improve. The background of the project is around Pirates, and i started modelling a ship. The idea was to make it so you could walk on the different decks with a character in third person.
We are going for a "Fantasy" ship (by this i mean just not a replica of a pirate-era ship), but still inspired from ship designs that i like. Basically, what i am trying to do is to put into 3D my "kid" mental representation of what would be a Pirate Ship. I did a lot of research on what i liked and what i didn't, and this oriented my design. I found this part quite hard to acheive, beceause it is hard to draw in 2D with as much details as needed, and when starting directly in 3D, i ended up with blocky shapes that were "creatively" restrecting me. Then came the idea of maybe concepting it in Virtual Reality, and that's what i did, to have a "blockout" of the shape. Here are my first designs of Stern Gallery (wich is the part i was focusing on) , done in Gravity Sketch :

Then, i started sculpting and texturing a little part of the ship to kind of figure out how i would bring this from concept to an exploitable asset in UE4 and see wich look i can aim to acheive. The great thing in Gravity Sketch is the ability to just bring some of the shapes into Zbrush, dynamesh it and start with this as a base mesh. Here are different steps and variations of this part :

And an earlier version in UE4 :

In the meantime, i am making assets for a Dota2 Mod. I can't show a lot yet beceause it is for the Frostivus competition, but here is a gate i did for it. It comes with a quite simple open/close animation, but it was the first time i was playing around animations. The most challenging part for me was to get the model to fit the Dota2 colors correctly and blend in the scene. (You can see the model in Marmoset Viewer on my Artstation : ).

Then, playing around Zbrush and starting to learn animation made me want to create a character. I finally went from Zbrush Core to 4r8. I started modelling a female character without really knowing where i was heading. But after a while, i decided to relate to a concept i liked from... I don't know wich artist, i just know it's a Dragon-Age elf character (I won't post it here since i don't know if it is welcome to post something that does not belong to you). I followed Shane Olson's Streams on Pixologic's Twitch and decided to give a go at his technique for the body wich consist on creating separate blocks for each major parts of anatomy to get a good basemesh.

Then tried to sculpt the head of the elf character, but was not happy with the result. It lacked resemblance to the concept, and overall, it was not good looking in my opinion.

So i decided to start over but this time, with some real references, since i was thinking i had a hard time translating the "line art" from a single drawing into a 3D face. I took Gal Gadot as a model. But once again, i did not manage to acheive a "likely" looking face. It was looking sort of like her, but was not her. So i just endup trying to make it look as "correct" as i could without trying to make it match as closely the references. If you guys have any tips to make a sculpt look exactly like the reference, i will gladly take them. I have been following Frank Tzeng "Likeness Sculpting" from Gumroad, but looks like i'm not there yet.

And last, the head combined to the body a bit more sculpted.

Something tickles me in the proportions/anatomy, both the body and the face, but i can't exactly say what. In the end i am not even following the concept anymore, just trying to make it look correct, then will probably decide on some theme for the character once i have this sorted out.

That's it for now. I apologize for the image-hungry page and my English wich might not always be correct.

I will gladly take any critique, and i hope you still like these ! :smile:


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    Hey pal,
    The textured assets are looking good, I am not vey experienced in asset creation so I can't go in depth there :D
    However, about the character, I would say firstly when you start a figure or you try to make a good looking anatomy, find anatomy references online. Then when u do your rough body block out put the anatomy reference on the top and use the Move brush in Zbrush to better match the proportions (led and arm length, as well as body and head position) By doing this you will be sure that the proportions are fine and you can carry on with the muscles sculpt. And again find a descent reference, people underestimate the importance of a good reference, if you use them wisely, they will take you far!
    Head as well, you need to better look at the different planes of the face separation, there are a lot of good face breakdowns online. From what I see the eye sockets should go more in the scull, distance between the eyes is too much and the top of the nose between the eyes is too thick, look at the end of the nose as well, it is too flat. The female face is a hard one to sculpt because the female face muscles are not as prominent as the male ones. Just look more carefully at your references and you will do it!
    As far as I see on your sculpt legs are too long, while the hands are too short. The end of the hands should come just underneath the crotch area, when they go down. Her back is too narrow, shoulders are too straight they have more of a curve coming down form the neck. Boobs are lifted too much as well, they need to go down and sideways. And you need to be careful with the core area, it is not very easy to sculpt cause the curves are not that prominent.
    I know it is a lot, but hopefully it will be helpful for you! :)
    All the best fella ;)
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    I admit i did not put reference directly in the scene, just looked at some anatomy models on Sketchfab. The hands are short beceause i did not put the fingers in yet :p For the face, this is my main struggle. The eyes, i can't seem to do them good. I am happy that you tell me the eye sockets should be further in, beceause i had no clue what i was doing wrong. Once you spend too much time on a sculpt, you get used to it and i find it difficult to spot the mistakes even if you know something is wrong. I will keep practicing, I can spot the mistakes you tell me about the body but, what do you mean by "core aera"?

    Thank-you for the comments dude ! :)
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