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Pain polycounter lvl 4
Hello guys,

I will get straight to the point. Is there any way that I can import multiple objects (each one has it's own UV map) into Substance painter?
I had my character done in Zbrush, I got the head of the character unwrap in zbrush also, next I export to obj for both low and high so that I can import to Substance painter to make texture.
Everything was going well until I wanted to import one more part into Substance, for example the armor of the character. I found no way to import multiple subtool from Zbrush into Substance.
If I merged the head subtool with the armor I will then have just one UVmap for both parts, I don't want that, I just want one UV map for the head so in the end I can get the head with high details.

If anyone knows solution please share with me.

Thanks in advance.


  • myclay
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    myclay polycounter lvl 5

    Hello Pain ,

    it is possible but I would not recommend it thou because its easily going messy.

    To do it directly from ZBrush to Substance Painter;
    go to Zplugin;
    go to FBX ExportImport
    select Visible or ALL
    click on Export.
    Now your Subtools will each have their own TextureSets.

    If you have a couple Polygroups on a Subtool and want to have for each Polygroup a different Textureset;
    activate in FBX ExportImport 'Export Polygroups as Mats'
    Export the fbx file.
    problem here is, Zbrush won´t let you name your Polygroups or the Mats which are created for those and it will be messy to find the correct Texture set and to rename and reorder them is going to be tedious and workflow wise its possible but rubbish.

    A recommended workflow is to prepare the meshes in one of  the Main 3D Software Packages like
    Maya,Blender,C4D etc

    In Blender; create a material per object, name it as wanted and then Substance Painter automatically separates
    the UVs according to the material.
    Assigning materials to only parts of an object or "Subtool" is also possible. As with ZBrush, an assigned material results in a separate TextureSet.

  • Pain
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    Pain polycounter lvl 4
    A huge thanks to you @myclay
    I must say it's very informative, clear and useful, you saved my life a lot.
    Wish you have a good day. 
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