Sci-Fi Helmet Color Scheme. Help!

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So, I made this helmet based on this loose concept by Ching Yeh. 

I took my artistic liberties in many spots when modeling it since a lot of these lines are pretty sketchy, and now I'm having trouble when it comes to laying out the basic colors.

I'm hoping someone can swoop in and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Here are a few tests I've worked on so far:


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    I like the last combo. I dunno, you seem to be missing a lot of the tertiary detail. For instance around the jaw there seems alot of great forms with slightly tilting planes that would elevate the work no end, and in your work it is mainly flat. You have done a pretty good job but it seems to be missing visual breaks and areas of intense and well placed detail that I can see in the concept.
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    jhoythottle polycounter lvl 4
    Thanks @kanga ; !

    I see what you mean. Unfortunately, I won't be going back to rework anything in the modeling phase, I've spent too long on this project already. I pretty much just want to wrap up the textures on this and move on. This was the first time I've used the hard surface pipeline in Zbrush and the project has been a great learning experience. I've learned a lot, and that's what I value most about this project. The final piece will probably not live on my portfolio very long, as I'm hoping to replace it with something better soon.

    I'm going to incorporate more micro details inside of Substance Painter (see below - WIP), but other than that I'm mostly looking for help with the color layout

    Thanks though! I see you prefer the last layout, that helps. I don't want to keep it quite as dirty either. Right now, I'm applying the default masks in Painter. I plan on cleaning it up a bit, so it's not quite so muddy.

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