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Round Edge shaders in render engines (is MODO the only good one?)

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OccultMonk greentooth
Is Modo the only good renderer with rounded edges. Is it the only viable renderer that allows the Technique that Torfrick uses? Both for Highpoly rendering and optionally also lowpoly baking.

Other render engines also have rounded corner shaders, but they all seem to have shading problems. Corona has dark edges and the result is not very good. Octane and Keyshot also have problems because they seem to be geometry based. Octane update 3.1 is said to have a better implementation but is not released yet. Does anyone know which render engine has the best/useable rounded edge shader? (Preferably for 3dsmax)

Example of Corona 1.7 RC8 rounded corner shader 


Modo Torfrick 

Torfrick Videos: 


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