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[rev-share] RPG fantasy game looking for 3DAnimator

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estherfunword polycounter lvl 8
We already have 3dModel just need animator for make rig 3DModel and animation in game
MemoryTrees RPG Life+Farming simulation game base on runefactory and harvestmoon

1 Can make Rig and adjust the rig avoids,animator must give some feedback to 3D artist when he rigging the 3D model then 3D artist could adjust the 3D model to fit the rig as match as possible
( Our game have mermaid/Centaur/ Fantasy character ect. )

2 need to know Blender, Maya or any other 3D tool

3 know how to import/export to .fbx files, .blend files or any file Unity can import.

4 It would be great if the you showed us some example work so we can have an idea

5 have responsibility

Split %: Revenue share. We can discuss. Fully Funded servers and contents

and friendly easy working with others willing to use Skype for communication with team please E-mail me if you're interested we can talk more detail in

Contact: estherfanworld@gmail.com Don't comment here
Thank you so much for reading

Thank you so much for reading

More about our game
Memory Trees : forget me not
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