[WIP] rooftop (need Critique)

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Hey guys, this is my first time doing a digital painting. Pretty much every part of image still need to be properly rendered, specially the parking lot and the light post on the foreground, but I am bit scared of doing so before I am sure my colors are ok.
I keep getting the felling that there is something off, but I just can point out what, so I would appreciate some help here :)
The idea of the image is that once its done I will some simple animation on top of it, like rain, some windows turning on and off, wind and maybe the clouds, so I can have it on loop and hopefully have something pleasant to look at.


  • EVF
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    EVF polygon
    nice colors, I think what you feel is wrong is the perspective of the power lines, they should come towards and away from us more, not off to the side.
    maybe duplicate the poll, scale it in the distance and down, bring down darkness, to make it look like its going down to connect to the midground houses.
    Also not sure if you should render it any more than that, except if you want to define a focus point somewhere, with a bright shop sign or something.
    hope this helped, cheers!
  • rohMizuno
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    rohMizuno Polycount Sponsor
    it helped indeed ,thanks @EVF ! I think I will rotate the post, just because I like how the cables run across the screen.
    As for the render, my idea was to add some extra love to the parking lot areas, add puddles and some nice texture to the ground, but someone pointed out how if I call so much attention there  my image will appear to have to many focal points (clouds, sunset, green parking lot, foreground), so I guess I have to figure that out first.
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    Daruxial triangle
    Hello! I agree with the too much attention part as you've placed too many spotlights, as well as if you want the viewer to look at the parking lot, I suggest using a perspective grid ( search on youtube how to use one) :) because if you look at the windows adjacent to the lamposts horizontally, you can see the windows are half its size, from the viewers perspective it doesn't look right as lampposts that size are supposed to be further not to the side, it makes the viewer think its on the same ground level. There are multiple ways to fix this, like either increasing the size of the houses at the front or fix the perspective of the red part -add a pavement ,some fences , and change or remove the large buildings so that the lamposts and car have something to relate to in terms of size, in this case, the houses as you've shown the height on the right. In real life, the buildings on the left (in the red part ) would cover most of the background because of how many windows-floors that I can see- 5 floors high? which is suppose to be 2 times the size of the buildings on the right ^^. Hope this makes sense :')

    Other than that it's pretty spectacular for a first digital piece! :D
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