WIP - Stubby Bob (Roadkill Ford F6 Project Truck)

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SteveHarlow keyframe
Howdy. This is the latter half of my modeling reel, complementing the long wrapped up PRR T1 Stubby Bob. Roadkill's 1949 Ford F6 with 30 inches of wheel base removed, and a blown vortec 8100 and hella wheelie potential put back in.

Frame down the truck is done, mapped and rigged, and is currently being textured by a friend who's doing a texturing reel.

For this model i didn't have original technical drawings, spoiled as i was with the T1. So everything here is going off of one or two crude dimensional drawings taken from a 1950 promotional broschure i found, or any helpful dimensions i could scrounge up from the modern part's website, such as the air filter rim and venturi size for the Holley HP carburetors. The only "confirmed" measurements i had for the original truck itself was from a kind soul on the ford truck enthusiests forum, who was saintly enough to put his own ford F6 up on a set of ramps to measure the steering geometry for me. So shoutouts to Connecticut Calvin for being kind enough to indulge me wit my pretend truck.

So yeah, there she be. And yes, the rig does have a wheelie control built in.


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