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Hello! I'm new to posting around this forum but not new to art. I've recently been working on character models for my portfolio; as the title says, I created character art of three Shovel Knight characters in different art renders (Mole Knight, King Knight and Plague Knight.) Any comment/critique is appreciated!

Mole Knight - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4L5oq

King Knight - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/q5mWn

Plague Knight - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/G3N8Q

More images of my models are compiled on my Artstation pages in the links above. ^


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    New portfolio project working on during my downtime. The idea came from a sketch concept I created during one of my Inktober sessions and I really wanted to see it as a full 3D bust. 

    Basically, the character is a no-nonsense mob boss. The key interest is making the face a humanized version of a stonefish head, so I'm trying to make his face look very unique basing it off this animal's facial features.

    ^ This was the Inktober sketch. I plan to include his hands and sleeves in the final render shot too.

    Image result for stonefish

    ^ This is a stonefish. Not a very pretty creature. Outside of the face and lip shapes, I want to see if I can make his face look crusty and spiky similar to this.

    I feel the face isn't quite there yet. It reminds me of one of the cartoon aliens from Space Jam, which isn't what I want. : P 

    I'll keep documenting my progress when I find time.
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