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Substance Designer mesh input experiments

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another caveman greentooth
Hello everyone!

I've been very inspired by Dannie Carlone and his zbrush+designer workflow (him and others!) that totally shows the strength of baked geometry, and that brought me back to the first thing I ever wished I had in SD: a mesh node ! (https://allegorithmic.uservoice.com/forums/257908-substance-designer/suggestions/17756503-mesh-node)

So I started trying to find work-arounds, and came to find a way to have this mesh node! finally !

Here are some lazy iray shots of 2 different random seeds and material tiling of an extreme example of the mesh node use :

I was quickly confronted to the interpenetrating geo issue, which, can not really be solved in designer as far as I know

I might go back to the Max blending mode that is offered by Tile Sampler Grayscale as it lets the meshes interpenetrate eachother in a smooth way, rather than having one on top of the other like you can see it right now.

So as I said this one example is extreme, but this flow's great when you stick to one layer, putting stuff on the ground for instance.
As of piles, I don't believe it could replace a positioning by hand or a gravity simulation. who knows...

I will be posting more examples of its use as I progress !

critics and suggestions  appreciated thanks!

And thanks a bunch mr @Bruno Afonseca  for answering my hundred questions..! :)


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