Overwatch Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Inner Zone) Fan Art Environment - WIP

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Hello all Polycounter friends! :)
Hope all is well. It's time for another environment!

What am I creating?
It's time for another environment! This time I will be creating the inner zone of Overwatch Watchpoint: Gibraltar map.

Why create this environment?
I thought it would be fun idea to create a part of the map that I admire the most. While playing Overwatch, I'm often always inspired to create something amazing. This is the first for me to create an environment that has already been made. I'm definitely looking for to the challenge!

I will be uploading screenshots of my materials, blockouts and environment models. As always, critiques are welcome. I only ask to provide constructive criticism. I will continue to post my progress with this environment as time persists. Thanks and enjoy!

Overwatch Watchpoint: Gibraltar References


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