[PAID] Infinitesimals - Looking for experienced character rigger, Unreal 4.

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Infinitesimals is a Sci-fi indie game. An overview video of the project can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAjObbYnFYo

I’m looking for an experienced character rigger for contract/remote work. Specifically you should have experience with rigging characters in Maya (or perhaps Max - i'm open to either) for Unreal Engine 4. Your knowledge should expand to importing said rigged character into the engine and ensuring it's working as desired. We’re looking to iterate and finalize our character pipeline, including the facial animation.

We have an existing rig to start as a foundation but are not tied to it if it’s necessary to change major aspects. Quality of end result is the prime consideration but modularity and the ability to share facial animation across characters is also important (so, would like to avoid copious amounts of blend shapes if possible).

Please PM me with:

  • Work examples
  • CV/Resume 
  • Rates. 

If you have UE4 video examples of your rigging work, that would be wonderful! :)



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